The Underground War Movie In Hindi Dubbed

In 2248, Fang Yi (played by Ren Tianye), the dormant C40 team leader, and his team members Liu Huo (played by Wang Tao) and Duan Yishan (played by Cheng Han) were awakened by the artificial intelligence control system “Light of the Long Night”, and put them back together. Carry out a top-secret mission – infiltrate the genetic drug research center and destroy all drugs and experimental data. The research center has been invaded by the Black Feather Society led by Mr. Dee (Ding Haifeng). In order to obtain the authority to extend the dormancy, the C40 team must accept this life and death action… | Iron Blood: Life and Death Tunnel

Initial release: July 31, 2021
Language: Hindi, Chinese
Cast: Ren Tianye, Ding Hai Feng, Tao Wang, etc...

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