Desert Dragon Movie In Hindi Dubbed

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the elder of Kunwu Pavilion in Kunlun Mountain, Huangfu Beng, felt that the demons were destroying the dragon veins and led his disciples to fight with a thousand-year-old tree demon. He did not want the tree demon to absorb the demon pearl and increase its strength. In order to save the strength and turn the situation around, Huangfu Beng uses up all his magic power to start the Flying Stream Formation and sends his eldest disciple Xuntan and his female disciple Chu Ling'er back to Panshizhen three days ago, hoping to destroy the tree demon before it gets the Xuan Yin Pearl.

Initial release: May 30, 2021
Language: Hindi, Chinese
Cast: Yiyan Liu, Xin Zer Tan, Wang Zhigang, etc...
Length: 1h 15min

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