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Lost in Space

1967 publicity photo showing cast members Angela Cartwright, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Bob May (Robot), Jonathan Harris, June Lockhart, Guy Williams and Billy Mumy
Genre Science fiction
Created by Irwin Allen
  • Guy Williams
  • June Lockhart
  • Mark Goddard
  • Marta Kristen
  • Bill Mumy
  • Angela Cartwright
  • Jonathan Harris
  • Bob May
  • Dick Tufeld
Narrated by Dick Tufeld
Theme music composer John Williams
  • John Williams
  • Herman Stein
  • Richard LaSalle
  • Leith Stevens
  • Joseph Mullendore
  • Cyril Mockridge
  • Alexander Courage
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 83 (29 in black-and-white, 54 in color) (list of episodes)
Producer Irwin Allen
  • Frank G. Carson
  • Gene Polito
  • Winton Hoch
Running time 51 minutes
Production companies
  • Irwin Allen Productions
  • Jodi Productions Inc.
  • Van Bernard Productions Inc.
  • 20th Century Fox Television
  • 20th Century Fox Television (original)
  • 20th Television (1995–2020)
  • Disney–ABC Domestic Television (2020–present)
Original network CBS
Picture format
  • black and white (1965–1966)
  • color (1966–1968)
Audio format mono
Original release September 15, 1965 –
March 13, 1968
  • Lost in Space (1998 film)
  • Lost in Space (2018 TV series)

Irwin Allen produced the science fiction TV series Lost in Space, which was first aired from 1965 to 1968. The show was inspired by the novel The Swiss Family Robinson. It follows the adventures of a pioneering family who go through the challenges of living in space.
The show had 83 episodes. The first season featured 29 episodes, which were shot in black and white, and were each about an hour long. In seasons 2 and 3, the episodes were shot in color and were 55 minutes long.
On October 16, 1997, the US launched the Jupiter 2, which is a futuristic spacecraft that’s designed to take a single family to an Earth-like planet.
John Robinson is a professor who lives with his wife Maureen, and their three children, Judy, Penny, and Will. They are accompanied by Major Donald West, played by Mark Goddard. Both the Robinsons and West are frozen, and they will be thawed once the spacecraft reaches its destination.
After the Jupiter 2 crashes, it lands on an alien world that’s later named Priplanus. The Robinsons spend the rest of their season on this planet, where they encounter various adventures.
Due to the weight of Smith, which he gained while he was aboard the spacecraft, the flight path of the vessel has been changed. It also gets placed in the path of a meteor storm. Fortunately, Smith was able to save the crew by prematurely restarting the ship. Unfortunately, the damage he caused to the robot has left the entire spacecraft unlivable.
The Jupiter 2 spacecraft was launched in 1997 with the goal of taking the Robinson family to a planet that’s located somewhere around Alpha Centauri. Unfortunately, the mission was sabotaged by Dr. Zach Smith, who was an agent for an unidentified foreign government. He managed to slip aboard the ship and reprogram the robot.
The spacecraft is repaired and sent into orbit again in the second season. It managed to avoid crashing into Priplanus after a series of violent earthquakes. The Robinsons then encounter a strange new world and become permanently stationed on it.
The third season featured a format change, where the Jupiter 2 traveled freely in space. In this new season, the Robinson family visits various new worlds. They tried to return to Earth or get to their original destination, Alpha Centauri, either through a controlled landing or a crash.


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