Puss in Boots: The Last Wish full HD Movies Multi Language Download

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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Download full HD Movies Multi Language

Edited by : James Ryan

Music by : Heitor Pereira

Production  company : dreamworks animation

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Release dates : December 13, 2022 (Lincoln Center),December 21, 2022 (United States)

Running time : 102 minutes[1]

Country United States


“Puss in Boots,” which is an Italian fairy tale, revolves around an anthropomorphic cat that uses deceit and trickery to gain power and wealth. It was later spread across Europe.
The tale is the oldest known written version of this story. It was written by Giovanni Francesco Straparola and was included in his book “The Facetious Nights of the Straparola” in the XIV–XVI period. Another version, which was entitled Cagliuso, was published in 1634. Charles Perrault also wrote a tale based on the story during the 17th century.
This version was written by Morini, who was the pseudonym of the author of “The Facetious Nights of Sabarola.” It was published two years before the book was compiled by Barbin in 1697. The tale was illustrated and handwritten in a manuscript that was found in Perrault’s Histoires de Clément.
The works of Perrault have had a significant impact on world culture. The first edition of the book was originally titled Costantino Fortunato. It was later changed to Il gatto con gli stivali. In addition, the French version of the book was entitled Histoires Ou contes du temps passé, and it featured a title that was similar to “Mother Goose Tales.”
The earliest English editions of this book feature a frontispiece that shows an old woman telling stories to a group of kids. It’s believed that this image helped establish the legend of Mother Goose in the English speaking world.

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